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The concept of the EnABELR cartridge was born from experience with other large cartridges. In the pursuit of ELR target engagement, high performance is always a goal, but some aspects of high performance can come at a cost. Consider the 375 Lethal Magnum, a cartridge developed by Mitchell

Slim in design does not mean slim in performance. Users can still expect the same great performance they have grown to trust from VG6 Precision muzzle brakes. With the EPSILON 556SL, you have the optimal solution for a lightweight, legal (when pinned and welded) and flat shooting 14.5" Rifle Build.
Wilson Combat Complete High Performance AR Uppers. Our complete High Performance AR Upper Receiver Units use the same top tier components, skilled gunsmith assembly and final finishing as our prized custom AR rifles that we have expertly built since 1999.
Precision manufacturing process ensures consistency (5.95mm+.01mm) Perfectly spherical with a high gloss finish results in a BB free of seams and surface imperfections; Improved accuracy and shot consistency
It uses heavy subsonic 9×39mm SP-6 (high-performance armor-piercing) ammunition (which weigh down the bullet). It also uses the SP-5 ball cartridge used by the VSS Vintorez suppressed sniper rifle. It can also use the same 10- or 20-round magazines of the VSS Vintorez and the 30-round magazine of the SR-3M. Controls are similar to all AK-type rifles. It has a charging handle on the right side, a tangent rear sight, a magazine release button behind the magazine well, and a safety lever above ...
Jan 06, 2014 · Starting rifle production in 1865, it is easy to see that Heym remained true to its traditional German routes, even when building rifles with modern designs. The SR30 was originally launched back in 1996, but like the SR21 turn-bolt, it is not a rifle many shooters will have heard much about in this country.
MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: HEYM SR-30 CUSTOM, on Jan 14, 2012, made in Germany, .308 Win, 23 inch fluted match barrel, detachable muzzle brake, straight-pull bo...
When power is number one, the Ruger 77/44 for sale is the bolt action rifle that delivers. With its rugged stainless-steel bolt, 90-degree bolt throw and rapid lock time combined with a precision rifled 18.5-inch cold hammer-forged barrel, the Ruger 77/44 accuracy is second to none.
Who sells the cheapest Vg6 Precision Gamma 556 High Performance Muzzle Brake And M16 Rifle Wikipedia DocVg6 Precision Gamma 556 High Performance Muzzle Brake And M16 Rifle Wikipedia BY Vg6 Precision Gamma 556 High Performance Muzzle Brake And M16 Rifle Wikipedia in Articles #interested Vg6 Precision Gamma 556 High Performance Muzzle Brake And M16 Rifle Wikipedia is best in online store.
At WOA we long ago realized the benefits of lengthening the gas system on long barreled high performance AR-15 rifles and have utilized an extended gas system on our long barrels for years. Brass life, reliability, and accuracy can all benefit from the correct relationship between barrel length, case capacity, and gas system length.
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  • CM9 Performance Parts; CW380 and P380 Performance Parts; Kel-Tec Performance. P3AT and P32 Performance Parts; PF9 and P11 Performance Parts; Sub-2000 Performance Parts; CP33 Performance Parts; Kimber Performance. Micro 9 Perfomance Parts; Remington Performance. RM380 Performance Parts; RP9 Performance Parts; Ruger® Performance. American ...
  • National Rifle Association of New Zealand ~ Menu ~ ... Barnard Precision Regional Championship & Grading List; ... Shooting » High Performance High Performance.
  • Ultra-fire Law enforcement flashlight. Use 2 Type 123A Lithium batteries, is precision-machined from aerospace-grade aluminum, produces 120~160 lumens of light for a long period of time (MUCH brighter than a larger four D-cell flashlight). This is top choice of combat light and best seller today. 10.00: each
  • Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Kreg PRS5000 High-Performance Precision Router Lift with Crank at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!
  • Ruger Precision Rifle. The Ruger Precision Rifle was purpose-built for long-range shooting. Completely modular, this bolt action uses AR-15-style components so users can easily customize it to their needs. The barrel, stock, pistol grip and handguard can all be swapped out if needed.

This is a high performance air rifle capable of reaching velocities of 770 FPS with 22 caliber pellets. The XS25S is a medium power pellet gun that is equally at home either shooting tight groups on paper or taking down small game effectively, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an all around shooter that can fill a variety of roles.

A class of its own: The entry-level model to the world of Sauer high performance bolt action rifles. Classical styling, selected materials and a precision available immediately in any situation confirm its leadership qualities. Also available in left handed at extra cost. With a powerful 350-400 FPS muzzle velocity, the Kalashnikov is capable of laying down dominating suppressive fire as well as making precise shots. Pros. Looks exactly like a AK-47nCustomizable with add-onsnBeautiful wood grain finish on partsn350-400 FPS velocitynStrong metal finish. Cons. Buy a heym online. Sell your heym for FREE today on GunsAmerica! ... High Standard Shotguns; HS Precision Rifles; IMI Rifles; Izhmash Rifles; ... Performance Center ...

Hand-made carbon composite rifle stocks. Hunting & Tactical stocks available for Tikka T3 / T3X / CTR, Heym, Remington 700 & clones, Howa 1500, Weatherby Vanguard and Schultz & Larsen rifles. PSE rifle stocks are strong, stiff & extremely lightweight. These gun stocks weigh as little as 680 grams or 1.5 lbs!

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The on-target rifle comes with all the accoutrements one would expect on similar precision rifles, except the price tag. Built around Savage's short Model 10 action, the precision rifle comes chambered for .223 Rem., .308 Win., and 6.5 Creedmoor.